• Number +216 20 220 709
  • contact@issademenagement.com
  • Ariana Soukra 2036 Tunisia
  • Number +216 20 220 709
  • contact@issademenagement.com
  • Ariana Soukra 2036 Tunisia
  • Number +216 20 220 709
  • contact@issademenagement.com
  • Ariana Soukra 2036 Tunisia
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Welcome to Demenagement & Transport BenAissa

Demenagement BenAissa is more than just logistics.
We can also optimize your packaging, manage your material supply, and much more.

Essential Pack

Facilitate your move with our Essential Pack, offering comprehensive service including secure transportation and professional packaging. We handle every step to make your residential move as smooth as possible.

Business Pack

For businesses on the move, choose our Business Pack. We ensure efficient transfer with expert packaging management, minimizing downtime for your business. Trust our experienced team for a seamless transition.

Premium Pack

Choose comfort with our Premium Pack. A dedicated team will take care of every detail, from complete packaging to unpacking at your new address. Enjoy comprehensive insurance for complete peace of mind during your move.

Our Advanced Services

Our moving service is known throughout the country for its reliability, safety, and affordability. We take pride in offering top-quality moving solutions at reasonable rates.

Packaging Service

Professional packaging for a stress-free move. Efficiently protect your belongings at a competitive rate.

Business Transfer

Simplified business transfer with our professional service. A smooth transition to ensure the continuity of your business in the shortest time possible.

Furniture Storage Service

Efficient furniture storage for optimal preservation. Safeguard your belongings securely with our professional service.

Furniture Elevator

Ideal for transporting furniture, pools, pianos, large glass objects, or any other items that cannot fit through doors or climb stairs vertically.

Assembly & Disassembly

Professional assembly for a worry-free move. Entrust us with the precise and speedy assembly of your furniture.

Customized Moving

Logistics tailored to your specific needs. Enjoy efficient management of your entire logistics process with our professional service.

Demenagement BenAissa Your transition with confidence, where every detail


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Different Services Offered


Expertise Mastery

Reliable and efficient service thanks to our experienced team.

Integrated Solutions

Simplify your move with our comprehensive solutions.

Guaranteed Excellence

Absolute commitment to preserving your belongings with quality.

Flexibility and Reliability

Customized experience to meet your specific needs through our flexible and reliable services.